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Building Division

The Building Division is responsible for enforcement of the Minnesota Building Code for the unincorporated areas of Rice County.
    • 1. Building Permit Application
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    • 2. Demolition permit
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    • 3. Exterior Maintenance Permit
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      Replacement: Windows/Doors, Siding & Roofing

    • 4. Mechanical (HVAC) Fireplace/Wood Stove Permit
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    • 5. Plumbing Permit Application
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      Adding new or moving plumbing

    • 6. Land Use Permit
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      Structures under 200 sq ft, cement slabs, patios, hoop structures.


The Zoning Department is responsible for the enforcement of the zoning ordinances in the unincorporated areas of Rice County. The deadline to submit an application for consideration by the Planning Commission or Board of Adjustment is the 5th of every month.